Thursday, June 15, 2023

European Cricket Championships 2023

 The Cartama Oval will host the European Cricket Championships 2023 from Monday, September 25, to Sunday, October 12, 2023.

30 teams from a variety of nations, including Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, and Scotland, will compete in this year's quick-fire T10 competition. 

The Netherlands XI, the defending champions after defeating an England XI by four wickets in 2022, will automatically qualify for finals week after being divided into six groups of five teams.

The first two days of the competition will consist of group matches played in a round-robin format; the top four teams advance to an eliminator, second eliminator, and final on the third day. The Group Final winner advances to Finals Week, which takes place at the same location from October 16–20, 2023.

Group A

•            Spain

•            Isle of Man

•            France

•            Czech Republic

•            Greece

Group B

•            Jersey

•            Guernsey

•            Belgium

•            Croatia

•            Bulgaria

Group C

•            Italy

•            Denmark

•            Sweden

•            TBC

•            Estonia

Group D

•            Ireland XI

•            Austria

•            Hungary

•            Finland

•            Turkey

Group E

•            England XI

•            Cyprus

•            Switzerland

•            Romania

•            Malta

Group F

•            Scotland

•            Germany

•            Portugal

•            Luxembourg

•            Norway

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