Monday, June 12, 2023

At a coffee shop, Kelly Clarkson performs an enthralling flash mob.

 On June 23, Clarkson's new album will be released, but she is letting fans hear a few of the songs now.

Kelly Clarkson stunned customers at a Blue Bottle Coffee in Los Angeles by serenading them with a flash mob on the floor above her singing accompaniment as she sang out her new song "Me," from her upcoming album, "Chemistry," and posted the performance on her social media platforms on June 10.

Some audience members watched Clarkson sing while others pulled out their phones to record the moment.

After finishing, Clarkson said, to laughter, "I would like a vanilla latte," displaying her sense of humour.

"More stuff about flash mobs. I believe that this is how all artists should interact with their audience. really cool," a commenter said.

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